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Recently Undergraduate public relations students at Southampton Solent University called on practitioners to contribute to a text book on digital public relations. They have become frustrated by the lack of material, both written and electronic that is available. Digital Public Relations Discovery and Its’ Scope is in itself an advanced course on public relations.

The Chemeria Consultancy through its’ syndication are one of the pioneers of digital public relations. We have been providers of business, political, non-profit, public and governmental relations promotion since 1973. We also have expertise as business and product brand promoters.

Strategic communications processes were taught in public relations. It use to build reciprocal beneficial relations between organizations. Like a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization, and their publics.  Public relations is  a practice that manages information between an organized group and its communal public relations. This is traditionally done through advertising, marketing, featured articles and customer service surveys.

Digital public relations is a new approach that blends the past practices of PR with the benefits of social media and other online strategy such as geo-targeting and  search engine optimization called SEO.

Reputation management projects use digital public relations. The arrival of the internet has caused the need for the development of rep management to level the damages that are being caused unsavory characters and groups.

Tackling The LA Digital Public Relations Shortfall

The Solent undergraduate project aims to tackle the shortfall in LA digital public relations learning and development content.

Undergraduate public relations students at Southampton Solent University are calling on practitioners to contribute to a text book on digital public relations.

A UK Government’s Digital Skills Crisis Report published in June 2016 claims that a shortfall in digital education and training is costing the world economy more that $63 billion annually in lost gross domestic product.

The market moves incredibly quickly. Each week Ketchum practitioners from around the world report five to ten changes.

GIFs in messaging, Google’s move into mobile first search, changes to Instagram, Twitter’s content filtering solution; digital purchases; private branded communities on WhatsApp, Facebook and Google’s constant tweaks, and Snapchat’s growing popularity, point to a constant moving digital landscape.

So all this means that Digital Public Relations and Its’ Scope is still revolving weekly faster than fiber optic speeds.  What is researched and published this week gets  changed before the first reader can read the table of contents.

This is why selecting a real digital public relations agency for your projects needs to be move along quickly.  But making sure you found a diligent service is paramount to achieving your goals.

Every industry has the innovative pioneers and then those who attempt to copycat and follow. Chemeria Consultancy Syndication is one of those pioneers since 1973!

Discovering Digital Public Relations and Its’ Scope as it is today, but we will be changing that soon!

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